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英语高中作文 篇1

  A desk is a furniture form and a class of table often used in a school or office setting for reading or writing on or using a computer. Desks often have one or more drawers to store office supplies and papers. Unlike a regular table usually only one side of a desk is suitable to sit on (though there are some exceptions such as a partners desk). Not all desks have the form of a table. For instance an armoire desk is a desk built within a large wardrobe-like cabinet and a portable desk is light enough to be placed on a person's lap. Since many people lean on a desk while using it a desk must be sturdy. Desk were first made from wood but are slowly being converted to into harder materials that last longer.


英语高中作文 篇2

  in many countries in the world, women are looked down upon. it is more difficult for them to get some work than men. in order to get a job, they sometimes have to tell a lie. thats unfair. in fact, women can work no worse than men. theres nothing that women cant do.

  perhaps, they are better at their work than men. for eample, in making telephones and computers, many companies would rather employ women, for men cant pick up the small pieces with their fingers. like , they can also become ecellent engineers, doctors and teachers.

  so i am sure the day will come soon when women can really get equal rights.

英语高中作文 篇3

  Last year, I went to Guilin for travel, it was a great trip for me.

  I not only had a look at the beautiful scenery, but also made friends. I knew a lovely girl from America, we met each other on the train. As we were almost at the same age, we communicated a lot. We shared our opinion about the culture and learned a lot. When our train reached the destination, we needed to separate, we promised to keep in touch by the Internet.

  Now a year has passed, we make our promise and keep in touch all the time. I have improved my English and she is so interested in China. It seems that we can never finish our topic, because we always have so much to share with each other. I am so lucky to make a good friend.

英语高中作文 篇4

  The Advantage And Disadvantage of Part-time Job

  As students of today have to pay much attention to our lessons and know little of society though it’s not our fault.A holiday is the best time to make up for that.Taking a part-time job is a good form of social practice.What is learned in books can’t have the same deep effect on us as what is learned through experience. In social practice,we can surely make progrein both knowledge and ability.Besides,taking a part-time job,we may get paid more or leto help our family.

  Thus,I will say a senior school student should take a part-time job in holidays, if possible , of course.

英语高中作文 篇5

  Since we go to school, English is one of our main subjects, the government pays special attention to the English education.

  In the class, we have learned the grammar and sentence structure for a long time, some students are no more satisfied with what we learn in the class, they want to speak English fluently, so they can take advantage of what they learn in the class.

  Nowadays, English corner has be the main symbol for the English learners, most people join the corner in the weekends. Joining the English corner can enhance people’s ability of speaking English.

  Students have less chance to speaking in the class, but in the English corner, they can speak what they want.

  As there are people from all classes in the English corner, people can share their experience for each other, they can learn more from each other. If you have time, I suggest you to join the English corner.





英语高中作文 篇6

  Today is Monday; I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Then I have my breakfast at home and take the subway to school. I am quite excited about this day, because our chemistry teacher will teach us to do an interesting experiment. This experiment is about how to create soap. Last week, the chemistry teacher promised that we would have something fun in this week. Making our own special soap is the mission in this class.

  今天是星期一,我早上六点就起床了。再吃过了早餐之后,我搭地铁去学校。对于今天要做的事情,我很兴奋。因为我们的化学老师要教我们做个有趣的实验。这个实验就是如何制作肥皂。上个星期,化学老师向我们保证这周会做个有趣的实验,而创造出属于自己的一块肥皂就是这次课的主要内容。 When the experience begins, the whole class is very exciting; we mix the oil, water and lye. You need to be very careful, because the lye is harmful to the skin. Then we will stir the oil and lye for about ten minutes, the chemistry reaction will make the liquid into solid. Then the soap comes into being. Although the process is tired, we have a lot of fun. The most important thing is we learn how to make soap. The time passes so quickly, we feel very busy but learn a lot of useful things. 当实验开始的时候,整个班级都很兴奋。我们把油、水和碱液混合在一起。你必须非常小心,因为碱液会腐蚀皮肤。然后我们就开始搅拌液体。大约10分钟过后,发生的化学反应就把液体变成了固体,肥皂就形成了。虽然这个过程很累,但是我们得到了很多乐趣。最重要的是我们学会了如何制作肥皂。时间过得太快,我们感觉很忙碌,但也学到了很多有用的东西。

英语高中作文 篇7

  Two year ago, Chinese biggest TV Channel played an interview which brought great response to the audience. The interview is about a journalist asked a worker that if he felt happy, the worker didn’t react what the question is, he answered that he his name is not happy. The interview became hot, everyone was taking about it,“Are you happy” has become a greeting when people meet, they made fun of it. The reason why the interview becomes so popular is that people lack of sense of happiness today, they find a way to make fun of happiness.

  As the development of technology, people live in a fast-pace lifestyle, the pressure from work is so heavy that people focus too much on work, they don’t have time to relax, many people bring the work issues to home, keeping busy all the time. We should find the balance between work and family life, try to enjoy life.




英语高中作文 篇8

  Britney Spears is a hot female singer, when I was very small, she was popular around the world. Every girl wants to be her, because Britney has the sweet voice and the perfect outlook, no man can resist her charm.

  As she got famous at the early age, so she got married when she was 24.

  But the married worked not well, Britney and her husband had many argues and they divorced two year later.

  During her marriage, Britney was like a crazy girl that was out of control, she shaved her air, some people even witnessed her crying on the street. People thought she would be lost forever, but Britney came back. She focused on her new album, she was becoming popular again. Many of her new songs won the awards, which are the best inspiration for her. Britney is a tough person, she continues to surprise the world.


英语高中作文 篇9

  Yang Liwei

  "when i boarded the shenzhou-5 spacecraft for the first time, i couldn't help feeling ecited, i decide that i must fly it."------said by yang liwei

  colonel yang liwei is an astronaut, and he is also a member of the astronaut team of the people's liberation army.

  born on june 21st,1965 in a teather's family in suizhong country of liaoning province,yang liwei had a happy childhood with his parents.not only was he a good student in school,but he also had a gift for math.he won a lot of math competition prizes.after graduating from middle school,yang liwei continued his studies at the no.8 aviation college of the air force of the people's liberation army.he studied very hard and graduated with a bachelor's degree.later,hebecame a fighter pilot.

  several years later,because of his ecellent manifestaion,yang liwei was among 14 persons chosen from 1,500 pilots for astronaut training.yang liwei did very well and passed astronaut tests in 1996 and 1997.then he became one of three astronauts for china's first manned space flight.after a series of hard trainings and tests,yang liweibecame china's first astronaut on oct15, at last.

  being the first chinese to travel in space,yang liwei is a hero of our nation in our heart and mind.he devotes himself to chinese space program.whenever we review the moments which yang liwei was traveling in shenzhou-5 in space,holding our national flag in hand, we will be proud of our country and think highly of yang liwei.i believe that china will make greater progress in space flight in the future.

英语高中作文 篇10

  I think high school students should be allowed to choose some of the subjects they study. However, the basic subjects, like mathematics, literature, and science, should be mandatory for all students.

  When I was in high school, we were allowed to choose three electives each semester. Electives were subjects that weren’t part of the basic curriculum. They included things like music, journalism, art, and various kinds of team sports. Choosing some of these subjects to study gave me a chance to experiment. I was able to get a head start on what I was going to study in college.

  However, college preparation shouldn’t be the main factor. I think all students should be allowed to take a certain number of courses just because they’re interested in them. For many students, high school is the last chance to learn about things they’re interested in. Maybe once they have a job there won’t be time for studying.

  Of course, it’s also important that students study certain basic subjects. If I’d had a choice, I know I wouldn’t have studied mathematics or science. I wasn’t very interested in them. However, once I was in class, I found myself getting interested. I wouldn’t have known this if I’d been given the choice, because I would have chosen not to take the courses.

  High school students aren’t always the best judges of what they’ll find useful in the years ahead. They need the guidance of experts in the field of education. However, they also need some freedom to follow their curiosity and individual interests. They should be given the freedom to choose some courses, while being required to take others.