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Wastewater Treatment Plants

KLM’s expertise extends far beyond water storage tanks; we are also a trusted source for wastewater treatment plant services.


Our inspectors are NACE/AMPP and CWI certified, and are veterans at evaluating a wide variety of tanks, clarifiers, and digesters. They will follow state and OSHA regulations and AWWA standards to fill out a thorough written evaluation description.


我们与业主合作,提供第三方inspection services on their behalf to confirm the work performed aligns with the project specifications. This important oversight ensures you get maximum life expectancy of the coating system.

Our field inspectors work diligently throughout the construction of a new tank or reconditioning of an existing wastewater treatment plant. The recoating of the structural members will be observed by qualified NACE inspectors.

KLM’s seasoned inspection team knows how to work with the contractors and structural changes that affect the project. With KLM by your side, you can rest assured our staff will work with you as a great communicator and facilitator of the work required, and verify the quality of work.

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