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Reconditioning | Water Tower Coating Service

It’s very important to make certain a water tank remains in good working condition, which is the premise of KLM’s reconditioning services. If your water tower needs to be painted or repaired, we have the tools and expertise to bring the water tank back up to proper and compliant condition. KLM can help maximize your investment by preparing specifications, providing construction management, and reconditioning inspection services.

Expert Reconditioning Services

When KLM develops an evaluation report, we are able to use our knowledge and experience of the tower painting and reconditioning industry. Using the evaluation reports, KLM will identify and provide an accurate updated engineering cost estimate on your reconditioning project, based on:

  • Extent of repairs required for the project
  • Current contractor project information
  • Regulatory requirements to bring your tank’s conditions to compliance

Design Services

At KLM, we use a proprietary specification package that is specifically geared toward water storage tank reconditioning. Contractors are familiar with our specifications, which have been proven to hold up should disputes arise. While preferring our format, KLM has the flexibility to convert our specifications to the formats of our customers when required. Your specialized graphics and logos can also be added to your water tank, so you can advertise your community.

Expert Project Management Practices

When KLM reconditions water tanks, we use a very specific construction management process. This process includes:

  • 监控现场检查员
  • perform time and cost budget management
  • review daily and weekly progress reports
  • act as a liaison with antenna companies
  • Make sure the project remains on schedule to eliminate the need for change orders
  • exercise a very strict closeout process to ensure there are no incomplete punch list items

Thorough Welding Inspection

KLM’s certified AWS inspectors are involved with both new tank and reconditioning projects. Having our inspection makes certain the welding performed by contractors follows the specification, code requirements and proper welding practices.

Confident Coating Inspection

To ensure you get the best, KLM provides onsite coatings inspectors to assess the entire painting and coatings process. KLM has specially trained NACE inspectors who are fluent in the current industry and OSHA codes to verify contractor compliance with the project specification. Our inspection process is thorough as we evaluate every aspect of the surface preparation, cleaning, coating, and painting phase. The type of tasks that we perform and inspect are:

  • abrasive media blasting
  • wet and dry coatings
  • holiday testing
  • coatings equipment
  • containment

Our strict processes ensure accuracy and that the finish meets or exceeds the intended life expectancy.


Tower location, lead and chromium-based paints, and a need to prevent potential air contaminants and hazardous materials demand strict regulatory requirements.

荷航知道每个sta的密封要求te and can make certain your project complies, protecting both you, and the public.

Warranty Inspection

Many coating failures are minimal, and as such, KLM recommends a warranty inspection be performed. This gives adequate time to see possible failures, to get them repaired so not to cause further damage to the tank, and to identify the current sediment level.

Contact KLM, A Water Tower Reconditioning Consultant

The reconditioning of water towers is important for longevity and sustainability. A water tower that isn’t properly reconditioned is a tower that may not meet all state and federal regulations.. When you are ready to have a reconditioning cost estimate produced, KLM is ready to take on the task. Call us at651-773-5111today.

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