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When Sip Happens

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. When a water storage tank emergency happens, it’s a major disruption to your community. Don’t assume you know it all – another set of eyes can help point out the little things that may go awry. Preparing is the key to minimizing the worst-case scenario. A…Read more »

How Often Does My Water Tank Need to be Cleaned?

Water storage tank cleanings are a vital part of tank maintenance. It allows tank owners to maintain clean and healthy potable water for their community, and gives inspectors a chance to identify potential corrosion and structural issues in the tank. However, many tank owners are unsure of how often they should have their water tank…Read more »

Extending the Coating Life in GAC Tanks

Granular Activated Charcoal (GAC) tanks are notoriously abrasive, which has a negative impact on coatings. With how expensive coating systems are, it’s important to prolong the lifespan as much as possible, yet many incorrectly specified coating systems can fail within 10 years. When the coating system on a GAC tank lasts longer than 30…Read more »

Achieving Maximum Coating Longevity

Painting a water tower can be a monumental investment for any community, which is why it is crucial to take every step to extend the coating’s life expectancy. Advancements in coating systems have helped tremendously in prolonging the lifetime to over 20 years, but even the best coating system will not last if not applied…Read more »

Full- vs. Part-Time NACE/AMPP Inspection

Water tank projects, such as reconditioning or new construction, are a monumental investment for a community. In order to make that investment last throughout its entire expected life cycle, it is crucial to ensure the work is completed according to the specifications. Many communities will opt for part-time inspections to save money, but this can…Read more »

A Tale of Two Plans: Long vs. Short Term Asset Management

水箱需要定期维护活e the integrity of the structure and protect the community’s investment. This case study investigates the true costs of short vs. long term asset management and how to extend a water tank’s expected life. Prior to creating a plan, it is crucial to identify a system’s assets, risks, and…Read more »

ROV Evaluations: Convenient, safe, and efficient without sacrificing quality

For decades, municipalities have needed to rely on draining their water reservoirs to allow for periodic inspections as asserted by state regulations. Draining water reservoirs can impose certain risks, such as potential contamination, maintaining operation of their systems, and the safety of the inspector. Not to mention the costs of wasting a natural resource. Fortunately,…Read more »

A Day in the Life of an Inspector

Many kids dream of being a doctor, president, or veterinarian; often overlooking “grounded” jobs like being an inspector. Growing up, Devin Severson was one of those kids, but today he loves being an inspector at KLM Engineering, Inc. He says it’s “pretty awesome.” Devin has worked for KLM for almost nine years now, and travels across…Read more »

Tank of the Year – 31 Years Later!

它是1990。当前荷航工程业主ob欧宝娱乐官网在线入口肖恩μlhern and Rod Ellis were working for another civil engineering company called AEC as inspectors on a reconditioning project in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Fast forward over 30 years later, and their work has lasted the test of time. One may even say it has exceeded that test. Back…Read more »

Winterizing Your Water Tower

Properly winterizing a water tank is crucial for protecting it from freezing and should be done prior to the cold setting in. Here are a few tips on winterizing your water tower this season. Complete Repairs Prior to freezing temperatures, make sure to thoroughly inspect the tank…Read more »

How an Antenna on Your Water Tower Can Benefit Your Community

Have you ever thought of how you can use the space at the top of your community’s water tower? By leasing out otherwise unused space to telecommunication companies, communities are able to capitalize on their water towers and provide their citizens with better cellular phone coverage. This article…Read more »

What You Need to Know About Water Tank Mixers

Mixing has been a part of water tank maintenance ever since water tanks have existed. For decades water tank owners relied on engineering a complex piping system to mix their water only when it filled, otherwise called a passive mixing system. Today owners have the luxury of installing an active water mixing system. With water…Read more »

CDPHE: What It Means for Colorado Water Storage

对水储罐在科罗拉多的状态,owners should be aware of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Storage Tank Rule (STR) that became effective in 2016. Essentially, this rule was put in place to promote healthier drinking water standards by regulating how…Read more »

When Do You Need an Engineer for Water Storage Projects?

For those planning a water storage project, they might be surprised with how often an engineer is necessary. Even with something one would consider as “simple” as a home renovation can entail an engineer’s help to ensure the structural safety of a home, and is even more imperative…Read more »

NSF 600: Changes Coming to the Water Industry

UPDATE: Since this blog was originally published, there have been more developments in coatings approved by NSF 600 standards. More coatings are currently being tested and expected to be approved. We will be putting out an updated article once we know more. In the meantime, please stay tuned for more information or give us a…Read more »

Cold Weather Procedures for Water Storage Tanks

Preventing the Formation of Ice in Water Storage Tanks One very simple method to prevent or minimize the formation of ice in water storage tanks is to allow the tank to drop the head as much as possible (to the lowest water level and/or pressure that the owner is comfortable with) before starting to pump…Read more »

When is the Best Time to Inspect Your Water Storage Tank?

Is it time to inspect your water storage tank or reservoir, or would another time of year work better for your system? Each owner has his answer, and in many cases, there is a unique answer for each tank or reservoir. Numerous factors will dictate when you can most easily take your tank out…Read more »

Wisconsin DNR Reservoir Inspection Requirements

As you are probably aware, there have been some changes to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR) administrative code that lists the requirements for the operation and maintenance of public water systems (Chapter NR 810). KLM Engineering would like to take this opportunity to summarize the current requirements. The WI DNR requires that…Read more »

Cold Weather Operation Procedures

Perhaps the first thing to do is to review previous years’ water usage during the cold weather months and consider how any changes in the past year will affect the usage this year. This may even involve some consultation with local industries or other heavy users to determine if they anticipate any changes to their…Read more »

Assuring Your Water Quality

It’s important to ensure that your utilities provide your residents and community with clean drinking water, from your reservoirs, water storage, and water towers. It’s also important that your facilities are clean and in good working condition, to make sure the coatings and your overall interior structures are undamaged and the tank bottom is free…Read more »

Monetize Your Water Tower with Antennas!

You can make your water towers work to earn extra income for you! KLM Engineering would like to introduce you to the engineering and inspection services we can provide during antenna installations on your water storage reservoirs. Having an antenna installed on your water storage tank, whether it be for cellular, wireless internet, or X-M…Read more »

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